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Warpstock Europe 2005

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News 21.11. - Warpstock Europe 2005 is over
This is just a quick note to let you know that we are now working on the last tasks regarding Warpstock Europe 2005. We will fill the gallery on the location page, and we also plan to make the presentations available. Stay tuned.
News 15.11. - Dresden prepares for Warpstock Europe
Today, the Warpstock Europe Event Team has put a clearly visible sign outside of the IFW building in Dresden to show the that Warpstock Europe will be held here at the coming weekend. Read more by clicking the headline...
News 14.11. - How to get to the IFW
We have created an interesting website that should help you find the IFW institute in Dresden. If you come to Warpstock Europe, be sure check this out. Go to "Location" and then "How To Get To...".
News 12.11 - WLAN at Warpstock Europe
If you come to Warpstock Europe, don't forget your notebook with a wireless LAN card! First, we will have WLAN in 3 out of 4 session rooms, and second, there will be WLAN sessions to help you troubleshoot problems!
News 09.11. - Tickets
As every year, Warpstock Europe tickets are available through the Mensys Online Shop. Also, you can purchase the tickets during Warpstock at the conference registration desk in Dresden. The Warpstock Europe event team would like to ask you to use the Mensys Online Shop when purchasing tickets, as this helps us to prepare for the amount of people that will show up. Also, every ticket is 5 EUR cheaper in the Mensys Online Shop. Please note that the Mensys Online Shop will stop selling Warpstock Europe 2005 tickets on Monday November 14th. After that date, you can only purchase your tickets during Warpstock Europe in Dresden.
News 08.11. - Schedule Available
The Warpstock Europe 2005 event team is proud to announce that the schedule for Warpstock Europe 2005 is almost completely filled. There is only a very limited number of open presentation slots available and we are confident that we can fill those as well.
News 27.10. - 4 new Presentations
We can announce 4 new presentations. 2 Sessions by Arne Blankerts about "How to Create Mozilla Driven Applications Using PHP and XUL" and "Tips & Tricks around the Mozilla Suite of Products" and 2 sessions by Joao Galvao about "Communigate PRO - Installation and basic Configuration" and "Injoy Firewall - Installation, basic configuration and Expert Configuration".
News 24.10. - Session Descriptions / Vortragsbeschreibungen
This year's Warpstock Europe offers an extensive set of presentations for eComStation users and developers. Die diesjährige Warpstock Europa bietet eComStation-Anwendern und -Entwicklern eine umfangreiche Auswahl an Vorträgen.
News 20.10. - New Presentation by Christian Hennecke
We are proud to announce a new session for Warpstock Europe. Christian Hennecke, Editor in Chief of the VOICE Newsletter, will talk about "Writing articles for the IT press".
News Social Event more Information
OS/2 and eComStation users come to Warpstock Europe because of interesting presentations and because they can meet and talk to people that they only know by their eMail addresses. The Warpstock Europe 2005 event team has worked in both directions to make sure that every visitor will enjoy and benefit from Warpstock Europe.
News 29.09. - XWLAN session announced!
Do you have a WLAN card that works or does not yet work in eComStation? If yes, you should consider attending the session called "Wireless LAN Monitor Update". Christian Langanke will talk about how he enhanced his popular XCenter widget to make use of the soon-to-be-released genmac driver!
News Free- und Shareware-Programmierer aufgepasst
Wir wollen dieses Jahr allen OS/2 und eComStation Free- und Shareware-Programmierern eine besondere Möglichkeit geben, Ihre Anwendungen und Lösungen auf der Warpstock Europe vorzustellen.
News Announcement Social Event
After arranging for all the details, we can announce the social event for Warpstock Europe 2005 today! It will take place right after the regular sessions on Saturday evening. Don't miss out on the chance to talk to other OS/2 and eComStation users while enjoying dinner. (registration required!)
News Presentation about Doodle's Screen Saver
We are happy to announce another presentation for Warpstock Europe 2005! Peter Kocsis, the author of Doodle's Screen Saver, will talk about "Doodle's Screen Saver meets Cairo". If you want to know more about developing modules for Doodles Screen Saver or how to use the Cairo graphics library in your application, be sure to attend Warpstock Europe this year!!
News Merchandising available
The Warpstock Europe 2005 event team has created an online shop that sells merchandising articles. The shop was created in the Spreadshirt online shopping system. Spreadshirt is a company that has specialized in creating such articles on demand for each order. Spreadshirt is responsible for the quality and creation of the articles and also for sending them out. If you have any issues with the products, please contact Spreadshirt.
News The Sceen Saver Module was updated
The Warpstock Europe 2005 Screen Saver Module for Doodle's Screen Saver was updated to version 1.5.1. The only change has occured in the installer. The WarpIN based installer package will now try to auto-detect the module directory where the screen saver module needs to be installed into.
News Accommodation Information
Today we would like to draw your attention to a list of accommodation recommendations for Warpstock Europe 2005. If you already know that you want to attend Warpstock Europe in November in Dresden, it is a good idea to reserve your hotel room as early as possible. The homepage of Warpstock Europe 2005 has a list of nice hotels in Dresden.
News Screen Saver Module available
The event team is proud to announce the availability of a Warpstock Europe 2005 Screen Saver Module for Doodle's Screen Saver. This screen saver module displays the latest news about Warpstock Europe 2005. The news are fetched directly from the homepage of Warpstock Europe 2005. If you want to stay informed about Warpstock Europe 2005, download and install this screen saver module!
News Tickets Available in the Mensys Online Shop
We have started to sell tickets in the Mensys Online Shop!

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